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When you use our templates.

All artwork is created in a vector program and can be used for printing on banners, silk-screened on t-shirts or used as a graphic on the internet!

We can save your illustration in most file formats:

• freehand eps • illustrator eps
• pdf • jpeg • tiff



Your artwork will be emailed to you or directly to you printer.

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I t's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Vector Vs. Bitmap

Screen Printing Tips






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LINE TWO what would you like this to say?


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What type of file would you like the final artwork to be?

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Would you like your artwork printed on shirts?

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NO just send me my artwok in the format of my choice.


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Freiburger Freelance will create your design from the information above.
We will email you a proof of your design before sending any final artwork.



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