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Custom Illustration

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What type of file would you like the final artwork to be?

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What Now?

(1) You can email a scan of your picture to

We recommend any scans to be at least 300 dpi and 5" high. The clearer the image the more detail we can put into your illustration.

(2) You can mail a photo to the address below and we will return it with your artwork. Again the clearer the photo the better your illustration will turn out. We recommend sending an 8" X 10".

(3) New customers will need to mail a check or money for $299.00 to the address below prior to receiving their art.

We will email you a proof in 7-10 days and before sending out your final artwork. Rush orders are available.



All artwork is created in a vector program and can be used for printing on banners, silk-screened on t-shirts or used as a graphic on the internet!

We can save your illustration in most file formats (ie. freehand, illustrator, tiff, jpeg, gif, pdf, eps).

Your artwork will be emailed to you or mailed on a CD.

Please allow 7-10 days to complete once we receive your photo.

Now Only


8.5" X 11" glossy printouts are also available for just $9.95 per copy.

*Price is for artwork only and does not include actual printing or silkscreening costs. Our experienced artist would be glad to help coordinate any print job you have.




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